Germanium Wafers

Germanium (Ge) Substrates

Vital manufactures Low EPD (etch pit density) or even Zero EPD Ge substrates, supplied in diameters from 2" up to 6" with a Resistivity from 0.005 Ω·cm to over 50Ω·cm. Monocrystalline Ge wafers are an important semiconductor substrate material. High quality substrates are used in Concentrator Photovoltaic power stations (CPV), outer-space solar cell panels and ultra-high brightness LEDs.

Market and application

Germanium single crystal wafers are an important semiconductor substrate material. These high-quality substrates are primarily used in CPV, outer-space solar-cell panel and high-bright light-emitting diode applications.

GalliumCustom-made Ge substrates configurations are available upon request.

Item Unit Semiconduct Specifications
Crystal Growth Method   CZ
Conduct Type   (n-type) (p-type)
Dopant   As,Sb Ga
Diameter inch 2",3",4" and 6"
Wafer Orientation   (100)±0.5°
Laser Marking /cm3 Upon request
Thickness μm (175-500)±25
Resistivity (at RT) 0.005-30 0.005-0.04
Etch Pit Density (EPD) /cm2 - 0
TTV μm ≤15 ≤15
Warp μm ≤25  ≤25
Backside Ra μm <0.1 <0.1
Surface Side1/Side2 E/E, P/E, P/D
Cassette or single
wafer container