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Solar Cells and Batteries

□ Solar Energy
Solar cells are regarded as one of the key technologies in sustainable energy supply. It allows for clean, affordable solar electricity at a lower cost, with the smallest environment impacts per kWh on a lifecycle basis. We can provide essential materials for the CIGS, CdTe, and Ge-based solar cell industry, which are low pollution, highly flexible, and suitable for large areas.

□ Alkaline Batteries
In(OH)3 is a type of substitute for Hg in alkaline batteries. Indium has low resistivity, good plasticity, high hydrogen evolution potential, and chemical stability. These characteristics make indium a better replacement for mercury in alkaline zinc manganese batteries.

□ Ni-Cd Batteries
NiCd batteries include small, portable NiCds and large industrial NiCd batteries, and have numerous applications. Small, portable NiCds account for 80% of cadmium consumption for the production of NiCd batteries and are used to power consumer electronics. Large, industrial NiCd batteries account for the remaining 20% in consumption and are used predominantly for aeronautical and railway applications. In airplanes, NiCd batteries provide startup power for jet engines and emergency backup power for aircraft electrical systems. In railway and transit systems, NiCds are used to start locomotive engines, passenger cars, and trackside signaling.

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