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Metals and Metal Fabrication

□ Electrolytic manganese
Selenium is an important catalyst of electrolytic manganese, which can accelerate the electrolytic deposition of manganese. It is also used as a metallurgical additive to improve machinability of copper, lead, and steel alloys.

□ Iron and steel Industry
Rare metals are often used as additives in metallurgy, improving machinability, strength and fatigue resistance of metallic material, and preventing the formation of graphite flakes in malleable iron. It is also a carbide stabilizer and the nontoxic replacement of materials such as lead, etc. For example, Te is used as an additive in copper alloys to improve machinability without reducing conductivity; Bi metal is used as a nontoxic replacement for lead in brass, free-machining steels, and solders; Re can improve the strength and plasticity of the tungsten, molybdenum, and chromium.

□ Bearing metal
Indium can be applied in bearing metals because In-Ag alloys and In-Pb alloys have better heat conductivity than silver and lead. These alloys are mainly used in the lead-plating silver bearing of aircrafts, also can be used as an engine bearing material. 

□ Rhenium alloy
Rhenium alloys are considered to be the best high temperature resistant materials, and play important roles in rockets and missiles for aerospace. For example, nickel-rhenium alloys can be used to manufacture turbine blades, as well as the combustion chamber and exhaust nozzle of jet engines. In addition, rhenium can be used for the high temperature coating on rockets, missiles, spacecraft instruments and high temperature parts (such as heat shield, arc discharge, and electrical contactor).Plating rhenium on the surface of spacecraft also can increase the wear resistance.

□ Argentium silver
Argentium silver is a type of Ge-doping silver, where Ge effectively prevents the oxidation of the silver. Silver is too soft and limited in its use, so a small amount of Cu is often added to improve hardness and durability.  However, Cu is easy oxidized when it is exposed to air and makes the surface of the silver dim. Ge takes precedence over Cu and Ag; when oxidized, a very thin germanium oxide protective film is formed.

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