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LED and Communication

LED is a new lighting technology and is utilized in environmental and task lightings. Compared to incandescent light, LED has many advantages including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, higher reliability, smaller size, and faster switching. It can be used in aviation lighting, automotive headlamps, advertising, general lighting, traffic signals, and camera flashes. Our products, GaAs wafers and MO sources, are able to meet the demands of the LED industry.

□ Microwave Communication
The development of information and communications technologies caused accelerated growth in communications equipment, particularly with regards to the sophisticated technology found in 3G and 4G smart phones. GaAs, InP, SiC-based high power devices, such as HBT, PHEMT, play an important role in the creation of these devices.

□ Fiber-optic communication
In the field of optical fiber communications, germanium tetrachloride is one of the most important dopants in silica glass for optical fibers. It can increase the light refraction and prevent loss of signal. In recent years, due to broadband Internet, the development of FTTB and FTTH has increased the demand for germanium tetrachloride.

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