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Electronics and Optoelectronics

□ Thermoelectric Cooling
Thermoelectric coolers are used in electronics and military applications, such as for the cooling of infrared detectors, integrated circuits, laser diodes, and medical instrumentation. In daily life, these devices are used in refrigerators, water dispensers, and other home appliances. The devices are also used in high-end automobiles to cool cup holders and seats. Tellurium is often used with bismuth (Bi2Te3) in thermoelectric devices, which can increase energy efficiency and save energy.

□ Phase Change Memory
Phase Change Memory (PCM) devices offer more storage density relative to DRAM, and can help increase the main memory capacity of future systems. PCM stores data using a phase-change material which can be in one of two physical states: crystalline or amorphous. Chalcogenides are the main phase-change materials, such as Se–Te–Sb and Te–Ge–Sb alloys.

□ Reprography
Luminous sensitivity of amorphous selenium is good. Adding a certain amount of arsenic (As) or tellurium (Te) to pure Selenium can extend the range of spectral response, increase the hardness, and resist crystallization. At present, selenium tellurium (Se - Te) alloy light conductors are widely used in high-speed copiers.

□ Low Melting-Point Alloys
Bismuth metals are often used as major constituents and metallurgical additives of various alloys. One class of alloys, fusible (low-melting-point, as low as 20 °C) alloys, combines bismuth with other metals (such as antimony, cadmium, gallium, indium, lead, and tin). Applications for the low-melting-point alloys include fuel tank safety plugs, solders, fire sprinkler triggers, holders for optical lenses, and other materials for machining or grinding.

□ Photoelectric Detectors
Photoelectric detectors are widely used in the areas of military and national economy. In visible light and near infrared bands, they are mainly used for ray measurement and detection, industrial automatic control, photometric measurement, etc. In infrared bands, they are mainly used for missile guidance, infrared thermal imaging, infrared remote sensing, etc. We can provide CZT for x-ray detectors and high purity Ge for γ-ray detectors, etc.

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