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R & D Institution

R&D Centers
Vital Materials relentlessly pursues continuous improvement of its technology and develops new products to provide materials solutions. We take great pride in our resources, as shown below:
Vital Advanced Metarials 
R&D Center
China National Enterprise
Technology Center

Fine Chemicals
Rare Metals Applicaiton 

Precious Metal Materials
High Purity Materials

China National Rare Metals
Engineering Research Center
Post-Doctoral R&D Center

 Rare Metals Functional Materials
 Rare Metals High Purity Materials
 Application Research

Functional Materials
Application Research

R&D Capabilities
The Core Technologies of Our Materials R&D

High Purity Technologies Crystal Technologies

High Purity Metal Purification
High Purity Electronic Gas Purification 
High Purity Reagent Purification 
High Purity Compound Synthesis

High Purity Raw Materials Synthesis
Crystal Growth
Crystal Processing Crystal Application Research
Crystal Growth Equipment Design

Target Material Technologies Nano-techonology

Powder Synthesis
Ultrafine Powder Processing and Granulation
Metal Target Casting and Heat Treatment

Target Molding
Target Sintering
Target Bonding and Detection

Nano-material synthesis
Dispersion and Morphology Control
Surface Treatment
Application Research