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Applications & Markets

  • Rubbers, Plastics, Inks, and Paints

    We provide pigments and raw materials of pigments, such as BiVO4, Se, and Cd, for use in ceramics, car coatings, plastics, and so on For example, selenium is a component ···


  • Medical and Healthcare

    The influence of medical imaging in healthcare is constantly growing Diseases are detected earlier and treatments have become more effective ···


  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

    Minor metals also have important applications in the pharmaceutical industry.They can be used as a drug remedy for cancer, gastrointestinal problems, keratitis ···


  • Analytical Reagents

    Minor metal compounds can be used for spectrum analysis, synthesis of organic gallium reagents, determination of alkaloids ···


  • Advanced Materials Research (MBE, etc.)

    Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is one of several methods of depositing single crystals It is widely used in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices ···


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