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Recycling & Services
Vital Materials is dedicated to the development of tailor-made recycling technologies, allowing for the reuse of valuable metal elements by means of re-purification. We offer our customers recycling services for Selenium, Tellurium, Indium, Gallium, and Germanium containing materials. This will not only generate economic benefits, but also contribute to environment protection.

Vital Materials offers the recycling service for the following materials:
Selenium containing materials From CIGS solar cells production; From ZnSe material growing process;
From end of life devices.
Tellurium containing materials From CdTe solar cell production; From Bi2Te3 manufacturing process;
From end of life devices.
Indium containing materials From ITO target production; From ITO target application;
From Alloys and solders; From end of life devices.
Gallium containing materials From GaAs crystal wafer production; From epitaxial growth processing;
From end of life devices.
Germanium containing materials From Ge crystal wafer production; From optical fibre production; 
From epitaxial growth processing; From end of life devices.
Other metal containing materials From other rare metal-containing residues; From end of life devices.
Precious metal containing materials From precious metal-containing residues; From end of life devices.

Here are some of the materials in which rare metals are recycled:

  • Bi2Te3
  • GaAs/Ge wafers
  • CIGS/CdTe panels
  • ZnSe
  • GaAs/Ge scraps
  • Se-containing materials
  • ITO targets
  • Fibres
  • Others and precious metal containing materials