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Vital Materials
Vital Materials, established in 2003, headquartered in China, is a rare metals oriented materials technology group. As the market leader in the global rare metals industry, Vital is the largest producer of Selenium and Tellurium materials, as well as the key producer of gallium, indium, germanium, bismuth, and cadmium products. Our business is focused in the areas of rare metals, advanced materials, and resource recycling. Our products are widely used in the fields of electronics, photovoltaics, LED, infrared materials, acousto-optics, thermoelectrics, photosensors, radiation detectors, pharmaceutical, feed additives, glass, ceramics, metallurgy, etc.
Vital has three research centers: the “China National Rare Metals Engineering Research Center” which was awarded by the ministry of science and technology, the “National Enterprise Technology Center of China” which is certified by the National Development and Reform Committee, as well as a postdoctoral research center.

Vital has industrial and commercial operations in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, with over 1,600 employees worldwide.

Vital's persistent emphasis in R&D supports our endless efforts in quality excellence and our continuous development on clean technologies. This enables us to fulfill our motto, "Working for a better world," and continue growing as a responsible and sustainable materials technology group.